Flipbooks are the original motion pictures, featuring you, your family, friends, or guests as the stars.

The Flipbook studio is a fun and interactive way to take your event to the next level and impress your guests. Designed to tie in with your event, our Pix2Flix Flipbook studios offer a space for guests to perform a 7 second quick sketch, just 90 seconds later their Flipbooks are ready to be collected! We make sure each guest who participates receives their own Flipbook. Sketches can be as imaginative or creative as you want them to be – if we can capture it, you can Flipbook it. The standard Pix2Flix flip book station is great for functions with approx. 50 – 300 guests over a period of 3 hours.

Rentertainment’s Pix2Flix creates the perfect entertainment atmosphere for you and your guests. All our event coordinators are friendly, professional and charismatic people who enjoy the Pix2Flix fun.

We understand that each event is as unique as the person, people or company being celebrated, or product being launched, and we make sure that our Flipbooks embody that. Pix2Flix can highlight your theme by assisting with prop coordination for the Flipbooks in addition to standard dress-up props such as colourful bowler hats, funky novelty glasses, wigs, masks, feather bowers, blow up musical instruments and a whole range of other exciting props.

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