Give your customers and clients something different to remember you by. Rather than a traditional business card which is likely to be filed away, give them a full video clip of yourself and your services in a Pix2Flix Flipbook business card which they will keep on their desk. Make yourself stand out from the pack with a Flipbook business card, and show more show than your company name and logo – show the products or services that you offer too. Don’t tell people what you do, show people what you do with Pix2Flix.

Don’t settle for the usual promotional materials. Handouts, flyers and mass emails only serve to interrupt people. Why not make your mark with something people will be drawn to. If you’re handing out a Flipbook to promote a corporate event or product launch, everyone is flipping it and watching it because it’s fun, involving and different! Get your word out today – click here to enquire or place your order.

Flipbooks make for the perfect invitations. While all too often invitations end up in the rubbish, your invitees won’t be able to put these down! Flipbook invitations are perfect for weddings, birthdays or corporate events. Send out a Flipbook featuring the bride and groom in a romantic embrace to set the tone for the wedding, show friends dancing in a Flipbook to get people excited in advance of a birthday party or brand a Flipbook inside and out as an impressive invitation for staff and clients

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